logga_hemsida_okt 2017

Why become a professional résumé writer?

Once upon a time, there was a creative and organized person called Birgitta (me). I liked my job, but after 10 years in IT and telecom, I started to miss the source of my creativity too much.
All my life, I have been writing – letters, essays, papers, articles, haikus, etc. For years, in my spare time,  I helped friends and colleagues with their resumes and cover letters. My treasured my ability to express myself, research facts, and think outside the box, found that these thing had slowly been replaced by a seemingly endless number of meetings. Writing became more and more fragmentary and minimalistic.

Because I'm a doer, I decided to take charge of my situation. I took a class in Skånsk Yllebroderi and rediscovered my creativity. 
I knew that I wanted to use my background as a reader-friendly writer who is interested in people to make a difference for myself and others, which is why I decided to start my own CV writing company.